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Hello Friends and welcome to my photo blog! A little about me… I’ve been working as a commercial photographer since 2003.  I have a passion for all things creative and enjoy finding new ways to apply them in business.  Photography as an art and as a business are two very different things although one is not necessarily without the other.  I hear a lot of friends and colleagues discuss photography, sometimes asking me for advice on hardware or how to get started as a professional, and most often pricing.  Whether you are a working pro, hobbyist or amateur I’ll try and have something for everyone to enjoy here… tips, tutorials, product reviews and more! For me, it started as a fine art hobby in my early teens, I enjoyed the aesthetics of the camera gear, processing chemistry, darkroom prints;  the connection between the visual stimulus and the hardware.  At that time I shot through a lot of Ilford 35mm and 120 and occasional 4×5 transparency later on.  In the beginning I started by selling framed fine art prints, eventually making enough to start investing back into camera gear and eventually leading the path into the commercial side of things One of the […] Read more!
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