Spring 2014 Beauty Link Cover
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Stop by your local Beauty School and checkout our work on the cover of the Spring issue of Beauty Link Magazine.  Hair, makeup, and styling by Avalon School of Cosmetology (Phoenix Campus) student Ann O’Neil and model Christina Reinsch. Read more!
Select 1 Group at South Mountain
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This was one of those ‘up before the sun’ shoots prepping and scouting and staging areas with officials to get everything just right.  Working with big rigs is much different than your typical automotive work.  Wider glass or long glass from a distance, combined with sunrise hard backlight glow, curvy tight two lane roads through the mountains, working with the drivers to coordinate when, where, and how to drive to get the video and still sequences we need can all prove to be challenging. This set was shot in collaboration with the video production team from Southwest Post.  Special thanks to the Park Rangers for all of their help and the Select 1 Group drivers for their patience and cooperation. Read more!
Model Spotlight: Lindsey Renee
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Lindsey and I have worked on numerous shoots together both on freelance collaborations and with the Avalon Makeup Class students.  She always brings an unrivaled intensity to the set that always shows in the images.  She is constantly moving and making small adjustments while maintaining poses to match overall styling.  She maintains that balance between youthful appeal and edgy avante garde with her angular full body posing. For booking and availability, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Lindsey’s Agency. Checkout some of the work we’ve created together… Read more!
Model Spotlight: Abby McAlear
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I’ve been working with Abby from the very start of the first Avalon Makeup Class photoshoots at the start of her modeling career.  Its been my pleasure to watch her progress and be muse to many makeup artists over the last 3 years and her increased versatility as a model.  So many beauty models have 1 or 2 looks but Abby completely takes on the styling of each look she wears and makes it her own. She can pull off fashion catalog-print styles, sultry smokey retro beauty looks, youthful lifestyles, and dramatic stage looks. For booking and availability, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Abby’s Agency. Checkout some of the work we’ve created together… Read more!
Model Spotlight: Kristan Glover
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Kristan and I have been working together on the Avalon student photo shoots for over 3 years. I’ve watched her progress and discover her looks and develop into a versatile model capable of soft youthful catalog looks to gritty high fashion sophisticated styles perfect for editorial. For booking and availability, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Kristan’s Agency. Checkout some of the work we’ve created together… Read more!
Product Photography Makeover
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We recently finished a project for specialty southwest gifts website ArizonaGifts.com in a complete product line refresh including label design, landing page layout, search optimization, and of course product photos.  One of their biggest struggles in the past has been product differentiation for their gift baskets – filled with similar products and matching labels it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between each product.  We shot their original photos on bright white some 4 years ago while trying to standardize and create consistency across their platform.   However, with a recent shift in lifestyle, consumer demands, and overall web design we decided to go a totally new route. Rather than shooting the whole product line the same way and typical white background we used a mixture of 10 unique seamless paper backdrop colors from Savage Universal combined with a butcher block platform that compliments  the southwest themes across the whole website and product line. Checkout the new gift basket section here…  Arizona Gift Baskets These were our goals for the updated section: Design new labels, incorporate other branded products Show off new products & basket designs Increase size of thumbnails – improved mobile visibility without added clicks Differentiate each basket […] Read more!
Feature Article: Beauty Link Magazine, Vol.5 Issue 3
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Stop by your local cosmetology school or salon and pickup the latest issue of Beauty Link magazine!  We wrote an exclusive article for beauty school owners and educators with tips on coordinating portfolio photo shoots for your school and students. Beauty Link – Volume 5, Issue 3 – “Help Your Students Shine!” Working with professional photographers to create striking images helps provide real world editorial experience while developing confidence in their abilities and creating content for shared publicity opportunities for both the school and students.  However, coordinating photo shoots with large groups with limited time and budget can be a daunting task.  Read more about avoiding common mistakes and tips for getting started! If you have any questions or would like to meet up for a consultation for your school please call or email me! (480) 627-9594 ryan@rwalshphoto.com Some featured photos of student work from Avalon School of Cosmetology as seen in Beauty Link!   Read more!
Product Shoot with Savage Seamless, Bike Photos
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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an avid road cyclist and involved with local group rides for fixed gear enthusiasts and roadies.   I recent acquired a Trek Madone 4 Series road race bike and have been having tons of fun both riding and shooting it. With the matte black and blue frame I thought I would aim for a bold catalog look using the Savage Universal “Deep Yellow” seamless paper.  I thought the color was the perfect compliment to the bike and to achieve that active race-ready look in studio.  See for yourself: Next up, I thought I would use the same style lighting and pose but going for a more hero style poster/cover shot rather than catalog look. Using the Chroma Tech Green seamless paper I keyed out the background and inserted a grungy concrete layer. I think the bike looks right at home… check it out: For the macro component feature shots, I did some lens blur and gaussian blur adjustments to the concrete background layer to simulate a shallow depth of field so it was visually distracting.     Read more!
Titles, Careful Not to Dilute Yourself
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In today’s working environment we have to be diverse in the services that we offer in order to stay competitive.  Creative colleges and trade schools are driving this home by offering supplemental courses to expand students’ skill set beyond their original core focus.  Experienced industry pros are even moving into new areas in order to fill their schedules. Our younger generations are forced into learning multiple trades to stay employed in a flooded market.  However, in doing so we must be extremely mindful not to dilute ourselves away from what we do best.   And that is key… focus on what you do best! Everyday I see people who lay claim to numerous titles; more than they could ever hope to provide all at once or be a dedicated professional.  It normally starts something like this… Jane Doe goes to school for graphic design but dabbles in photography, but is into fashion and does hair and makeup as well.  In setting up fun photoshoots with her friends they call her a photographer, a hairstylist, a makeup artist, stylist and so on.  Did she do all of those jobs… possibly.  But is she a dedicated professional at all of them? If a client […] Read more!
WPPI Huge Success! Thanks for stopping by!
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We just wrapped up 3 very full days of travel, setup, and shooting session workshops at WPPI 2013 at MGM Las Vegas in the Savage Universal booth #1635!  Thank you all who stopped by and joined us for the sessions. If you missed us, here is what we covered… Green Screen Shooting Product demo using the Savage Universal 9ft wide Chroma Green vinyl + collapsible 5x6ft backdrop + Green Screen Wizard Software. Lighting techniques – avoiding shadow while maintaining flattering and relevant light patterns for the intended “scene” that is being placed into the background in post editing. Vintage Ambiance Product demo using the Savage Universal retro antique muslin backdrop and antique pine floor drop. Lighting technique, styling tip, post editing – combing different backdrops and floordrops to create a on-location look in-studio.  Utilizing creative lighting patterns for dramatic effect as part of the scene you are creating. Bridal Fashion Product demo using the Savage Universal antique pine and handscraped oak as backdrops and rustic pavers as floor drop. A bridal gown by Amelia Walsh + Lighting Techniques for Bridal for recreating natural ambient look with 1 light in studio. Choosing the correct light source for your look. Grunge Product […] Read more!
Beauty Lifestyle with SN Makeup Artist
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These are some of my favorite shots from a recent creative collaboration with makeup artist Stephanie Neiheisel at her trendy ultra-modern loft in downtown Phoenix with model Lindsay Daniels.   Read more!
WPPI 2013, Sessions with Savage Booth #1635
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Hi Friends, I am excited to invite you to the workshop sessions I have coordinated with Savage Universal Corporation to demonstrate some awesome new products in their booth at the WPPI 2013 Tradeshow!  Stop by booth #1635 and we’ll be working with the floor drops and creative lighting to create ambiance along with lighting tips for green screen chromakey shooting and finally a bridal fashion editorial shoot with bridal gown by my talented wife Amelia Walsh with workflow tips for tethered shooting. Read more!
Savage Floor Drops Review
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Studio photography has always been one of those hit or miss things for me in terms of creative outlets.  I have always preferred on-location, where the whole team can feed off of the energy of the environment and combining natural ambient light with monolight fill and reflectors… it can be just perfect.  Sure, in a studio you have a blank canvas but unless everything comes together perfectly the end result is usually less appealing to me then location work.  Of course the challenge with location shoots is the logistics headaches, trying to find new areas that match your vision, getting things approved, paying fees, scheduling, working around ideal daylight, etc. This is especially challenging if you need to use a setting repeatedly. Here is where the Savage Floor Drops are hugely convenient.  In Arizona, its difficult to find cool old worn brick or wood buildings to work around and having a portable backdrop to use whenever needed and in a controlled setting to replicate that sort of feel is hugely beneficial.  Especially with the growing trend of shooting products in a more lifestyle setting, the floor drops make it easy to create popular shabby chic type feel with the wood […] Read more!
Savage Air Flow Tech Tables Review
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I recently got my hands on the new Tech Tables product line for tethered shooting from Savage Paper.  In the past, I always avoided tethered shooting especially on-location because of the hassle of bringing excess gear and worrying about having a secure place to setup and it usually just ended up being a lot of extra work.  The Savage Tech Table kit really minimizes a lot of those concerns with minimal investment and setup and makes a very practical addition to many kinds of shooting. Tethered Shooting in Practice… In the past, my most common reason for shooting tethered was to see details full screen for technical product photography like jewelry where controlling highlights, achieving critical focus,  and posing product is crucial.  In those instances, we have a controlled environment in studio with images going right into my iMac workstation and normal office setup – not really a need to setup a mobile station and laptop.  So for my first shoot with the new Tech Table setup I decided to try it out at our monthly photo shoot for the advanced makeup students at a local cosmetology school. Contents of the Tech Tables Kit: Savage Air Flow Tech Table (15.75×18.5″) […] Read more!