About the photographer…

Hello All, Thank you for taking the time to browse my online portfolio.  A little about me… I was born and raised in Phoenix around a family that always encouraged the arts; everything from visual arts and photography to music.  I initially got into photography as fine art shooting landscapes and travel. I spent many hours in the early years in the darkroom everyday working with various film and print mediums – the aesthetic involvement between visual and technical aspects is what I enjoy the most. I gradually transitioned into doing commercial work starting with portraits and weddings on medium format film and journalistic work on 35mm. I am extremely grateful for my mentors and those experiences with film because it truly changes perspective in terms of taking time to get things right without that safety net of digital cameras.

Fast forwarding into the digital age… I have been married to my talented wife Amelia Walsh for over 10 years.  We are extremely lucky that our careers intertwine in a very convenient way with her contributions in production, design & style insight combined with photography and creative marketing experience on both sides. We have been able to coordinate well and continue to push to do big things. We are extremely grateful to our supporters and collaborators and always strive to pay it forward in sharing success and always networking with our core group.

Nuts & Bolts…

Our fully outfitted photography studio is located in Central Phoenix and has the capability of shooting everything from macro to large products and small groups. Unable to travel or transport products? We can bring the studio to you! We maintain an arsenal of cameras, specialty lenses, lighting equipment, and backdrops that are available for travel in most cases.  We always bring backup cameras and multiple lighting options to every shoot, just in case.  We shoot with the latest in Canon digital SLR cameras, both full frame and crop frame along with Canon professional lenses ranging from ultra-wide, macro, primes, and telephoto. I travel frequently to shoot events and special projects and enjoy working with new people in unique environments. We are fully insured and back our work 100%.


Maintaining a sense of relatable realism to creative concepts while reflecting personal style and fulfilling clients needs is always the goal. As a fashion photographer I strive to capture unique perspective through selective use of unconventional lighting techniques and challenging locations. I have shot everything from runway, location, and in-studio catalog styles. Understanding the needs from a business marketing (product oriented) and designer perspective and how the images have to fulfill those needs is crucial to effectively capture fashion images.

I have worked with a wide range of businesses to provide cost effective product photos for e-commerce websites and printed catalogs including photos of automotive products, jewelry and fashion accessories, food products, fine art, and more. Each type of product introduces its own challenges often requiring extreme care in showing the right details and presentation and staging so that its cohesive with brand image.

Specialized Industry Experience…

I have extensive personal and professional experiences in the aftermarket automotive industry, cycling/bicycle industry, fashion lifestyle/product branding, and the beauty/cosmetology industry.  I have always been attracted to anything on wheels… cars, motorcycles, and bicycles of every sort.  Over the past few years I have built professional relationships shooting for custom car builders, specialty aftermarket parts manufactures, bike builders, drivers, and fellow enthusiasts.  I am actively involved in numerous automotive and cycling forums and my passion and detailed knowledge in these industries provides unique insight in order to provide the images and creative materials required to market these products.

Beauty Industry…

I was introduced into this incredible industry through Burt & Jill Kohler from Kohler Academy (now Penrose Academy) in Scottsdale Arizona.  What started as some quick portfolio photos for their students and covering their charity events turned into a great networking opportunity. I met Doug MacLeod of Southwest Post at one of their events and we’ve been coordinating still photography, video, and production ever since.  I’ve been covering the North American Hair Stylist Awards and PBA Beauty week for the past 4 years and the American Association of Cosmetology schools industry events for the last 5 years and its been an incredible journey.  I work with new beauty schools, salons, makeup artists, and hairstylist every month collaborating on projects and developing portfolios, ad campaigns, special events…. you name it!  If you own or work at a beauty school and you are interested in setting up a group portfolio shoot or working photoshoot training into your program – please send me a message I would love to hear from you!

Couples & Weddings…

As a wedding photographer I aim to capture classic candid photos with a heavy focus on black and white journalistic style balanced with a wide selection of vivid colorful shots and necessary formal groups as well. Catering to the clients’ needs and adapting for the intended use of the photographs is always top priority.

Don’t just listen to us – read what our customers have to say – testimonials.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best businesses and individuals in the valley. These are some of them:

Amelia Walsh – Fashion Designer
Diego Milano Luxury Denim
Drew Noreen – Hair Stylist
Lauren Ballard – Makeup Artist, Aesthetician
Kindra Oshrin, Double Take Makeup Artistry – Makeup Artist, Aesthetician
Lauren Hyatt – Hair Stylist
Doug MacLeod – Southwest Post, Production/Videographer
Hearts, Inc. – Hearts.com
ABC Television (Australian Broadcasting)
American Association of Cosmetology Schools
Cosmetology Educators of America
Avalon Cosmetology Schools
Kohler Academy, Penrose Academy
SMOCA – Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts
Bonnie Bonadeo, Beauty Agents
Savage Universal Corp.
Salon Client Data
Local Talent Boutique
The Agency Arizona
Arizona Model and Actor Management
Scottsdale Fashion Week
Phoenix Runway
Angela Johnson – Fashion Designer
Professional Beauty Association
North American Hair Stylist Awards
Erika Frantzve – Miss Teen Arizona
Advanced Automotive Concepts
Plum Floored Creations
Arizona Gifts, LLC
Graber Custom Automobiles

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