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Product Photography Makeover

We recently finished a project for specialty southwest gifts website in a complete product line refresh including label design, landing page layout, search optimization, and of course product photos.  One of their biggest struggles in the past has been product differentiation for their gift baskets – filled with similar products and matching labels it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between each product.  We shot their original photos on bright white some 4 years ago while trying to standardize and create consistency across their platform.   However, with a recent shift in lifestyle, consumer demands, and overall web design we decided to go a totally new route.

Rather than shooting the whole product line the same way and typical white background we used a mixture of 10 unique seamless paper backdrop colors from Savage Universal combined with a butcher block platform that compliments  the southwest themes across the whole website and product line.

Checkout the new gift basket section here…  Arizona Gift Baskets

These were our goals for the updated section:

  • Design new labels, incorporate other branded products
  • Show off new products & basket designs
  • Increase size of thumbnails – improved mobile visibility without added clicks
  • Differentiate each basket – highlight differences
  • Search Optimize Landing Page+ Each Product, image keyword metadata & alt tags
  • Color mosaic effect, multiple backdrop colors
    • Decrease bounce rate
    • Increase click through rate for individual product items
    • Introduce more color – more visual “wow” factor and variety
    • Lifestyle Appeal – More “gourmet” looking for food product
    • Vibrant desert-inspired color scheme – warm earth tones, greens, sunsets, turquoise, etc.

Some of my personal favorites from our new photo set:

Here is a look at some screen shots prior to the refresh:

Arizona Gifts, Arizona Gift Baskets before the Update

And a quick look after the updates:

Arizona Gifts southwest gift baskets after updates

Photographer: Ryan M. Walsh
18811 N. 19th Ave. Suite 2015 PhoenixAZ85027 USA 
 • 480-627-9594