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For those who aren’t already aware, my wife Amelia Walsh and I have been striving to grow her fashion brand since 2008 by participating in numerous runway shows, retail boutiques, charity events, contests, and artistic projects in Arizona and California since 2008.  To say that its been a blessing to have her in my life and for our careers to co-mingle in such a harmonious way would be an understatement.

Although its been a fun journey within our local communities, it is time to take the business to next level by making her clothing lines more accessible and affordable.  Up until now, Amelia has always made a full line of samples each season for the runway and fulfilled orders each herself, by hand with the assistance of her mother Julie Bethel.  This process is extremely time consuming, tedious, and expensive and limits production to a very small scale.

Over the last month we have been evaluating ways to reach out and start working with clothing manufacturers, press agents, and the WWD Magic trade show organizers in order to get her clothing in nationwide stores and available to public in a much more direct way.  Our problem is lack of capital to expand the brand on this scale.  We have decided to try a crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo in order to generate capital to make this happen.

Please checkout out this video narrative we have been filming with the help of Doug MacLeod of Southwest Post and checkout our project on Indiegogo.  We understand times are tough and thats why we are offering generous payback prizes that make great Christmas gifts with any contribution.

Check us out on Indiegogo:


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Ryan holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Grand Canyon University, graduating on the dean's list. He has been providing professional photography services starting in 2003 and internet marketing services starting in 2007. His experience in specific industries including e-commerce gift/retail, aftermarket automotive industry, and Beauty/Cosmetology education and salon, and high-end designer fashion market provides him with unique insight for practical application of photography as it applies to modern advertising mediums and business needs.

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