First Creative Shoot with 5D Mark III, Fashion & Beauty @ Peritoneum

So its been a busy past couple of weeks and this last weekend was one of those times where I got to step back and shoot for the fun of it – put the new camera through its paces and working with a new team to collaborate and get some really great photos.  Everything really came together well and just clicked for the whole package – location, lighting, hair, makeup, clothing, and model. One of those rare times with no frustrations, no hiccups, no rushing around or 2 tons of equipment, just good times all around!

Clothing by Amelia Walsh

Model Cassie Brooks

Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel

Hair by Arthur Federico

For the full gallery checkout:

Peritoneum Fashion & Beauty Shoot

Camera Tech…

Prior to this shoot I’ve used the 5D Mark III on an on-location engagement photo session, mostly natural light with reflectors and flash fill and one other studio shoot with fairly easy typical lighting configuration and controlled environment – not really a good gauge to really judge camera performance in a challenging setting.  For this shoot, all images were taken in RAW at full resolution and combined ambient light with strobe powered by portable battery pack, and reflectors for additional fill.  24-105 F4L, 70-200 2.8L IS, and 15mm fisheye (filtered for rectilinear conversion) were all used throughout the shoot. ISO ranges anywhere between 100-800 depending on balance between ambient and strobe lighting and desired depth of field.  A handful were also shot in all natural light without strobe fill – this is where the camera impressed me and the new features came in handy.  I created presets in-camera for the strobe setup and another preset for ambient only to store the metering info and custom white balance for both. The ability to switch between 3 different presets assigned on the main Dial to my specs was just so much easier then having to switch settings back and forth, and more so remembering settings for each or re-evaluating the setup each time.

In terms of white balance, the ambient lighting was changing often… the blue structure diffuses light a lot but it also cools out the color temp a ton.  Also, the structure shifts color from a deep purplish blue to a light sky blue, almost teal so your battling that as well.  Auto White Balance really surprised me here….I expected very mixed results given my experience with the 5D classic.  Massive improvements in auto white balance.  As I mentioned in my initial review of the 5D Mark III, the Auto focus system is really just light years ahead of anything else Ive used.  Out of the 150+ shots, I had maybe 8 that were soft and it was my own fault being in the moment and not paying attention to auto focus points shooting at large apertures. The only complaint I have with the new AF system here is really a brighter illumination of the focus points when focus is achieved so that you visually see it even in bright settings.  Right now they flash red in low light, but not in brighter environments so its kinda hard to see.  Otherwise, I’m completely loving it!

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Ryan holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Grand Canyon University, graduating on the dean's list. He has been providing professional photography services starting in 2003 and internet marketing services starting in 2007. His experience in specific industries including e-commerce gift/retail, aftermarket automotive industry, and Beauty/Cosmetology education and salon, and high-end designer fashion market provides him with unique insight for practical application of photography as it applies to modern advertising mediums and business needs.

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