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A little about me… I’ve been working as a commercial photographer since 2003.  I have a passion for all things creative and enjoy finding new ways to apply them in business.  Photography as an art and as a business are two very different things although one is not necessarily without the other.  I hear a lot of friends and colleagues discuss photography, sometimes asking me for advice on hardware or how to get started as a professional, and most often pricing.  Whether you are a working pro, hobbyist or amateur I’ll try and have something for everyone to enjoy here… tips, tutorials, product reviews and more!

For me, it started as a fine art hobby in my early teens, I enjoyed the aesthetics of the camera gear, processing chemistry, darkroom prints;  the connection between the visual stimulus and the hardware.  At that time I shot through a lot of Ilford 35mm and 120 and occasional 4×5 transparency later on.  In the beginning I started by selling framed fine art prints, eventually making enough to start investing back into camera gear and eventually leading the path into the commercial side of things

One of the first customers that bought a print from me asked me to shoot a wedding  because she enjoyed the classic black and white candid sort of approach and felt that was something she hadnt seen from other photographers at the time – I went on to do 2 weddings and 4 portrait photo settings for their family which sort of opened the door to additional opportunity.  Providing a quality all-around experience means everything and word of mouth will follow. From then on my entire scope changed… instead of shopping for that hard to find vintage Zeiss lens for the Hasselblad I started looking at umbrellas, lights, backdrops, digital camera bodies and battery packs, flashes, reflectors, and more.

My workload has gone in waves – for a good 2.5 years I shot mostly weddings, engagement photos, and family portraits.  Shooting weddings is seriously one of the best ways to keep you on your toes in terms of adapting to your surrounding, and also socially and technical camera/lighting. Business progresses, networking, being in the right place at the right time, willing to take chances, and adapting your style to your client’s needs while keeping your own signature is key.  Ive met a lot of great people along the way that have brought me into industries ranging from Professional Ballroom Dance, Beauty/Cosmetology, and Aftermarket Automotive.  The internet marketing side of the business came about from my interest in web design, IT knowledge, and necessity to market my own business.  I trained myself in HTML, Flash, CSS, Java, and more and kept up on search engine trends and tools and eventually ended up offering it as a service and significantly helping growth for a number of small businesses. Of course the internet and technology is ever evolving and keeping up on those trends gives me the ability to help. This sink or swim environment combined with formal marketing and business education from Grand Canyon University has helped put me where I am.

So here we are at our latest rendition of my online portfolio and blog.  This blog will be used to share experiences with photo equipment, tips and tutorials, latest projects and collaborations.

Have a technical question or interested  in talking shop or helping on a shoot, we’d love to hear from you! Leave comments for me…

About the Author:
Ryan holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Grand Canyon University, graduating on the dean's list. He has been providing professional photography services starting in 2003 and internet marketing services starting in 2007. His experience in specific industries including e-commerce gift/retail, aftermarket automotive industry, and Beauty/Cosmetology education and salon, and high-end designer fashion market provides him with unique insight for practical application of photography as it applies to modern advertising mediums and business needs.

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